Why this blog?

This blog is the result of my daily reflections in the Bible and university teaching experiences in communication studies.  After years of posting my daily comments on Facebook, some friends and former students came up with the idea that I should create this blog for a wider audience.  I’m flattered and humbled by such comments and it is my sincere hope that through this blog, I can reach out to those who want or need hope, inspiration or a gentle nudge in the right direction as together, we live our common lives.

As readers, you should know that I struggle with you to correct the habits, presumptions and inconsistencies that I know live within me each day. After all, I cannot presume to share ideas with others unless I am vulnerable to the “still, small voice” living within me.  Socrates said it best: “The unexamined life isn’t worth living”.   It is to life examined and fully lived that I dedicate the pages and words of this blog in the hopes that some of my reflections will help others.

Expect to see changes in the site moving forward as I strive to improve the look and clarity of the information I present in these pages. Also, feel free to leave a comment here with any ideas you may have to improve this site. Thanks for checking in!  It’s my pleasure to serve God and you through this media venue.

  1. strostrud
    August 8, 2011 at 10:52 am

    We all have a piece of the proverbial puzzle within Christianity. In his body, the church everyone can help each other better understand who God is, and how his church functions to reach a needy world with the message of our savior Jesus Christ. Any time we can share what his still small voice says to us elevates our communication with each other and the others’ understanding to a deeper level of spiritual maturity. it takes it out of the realm of head knowledge – academics, and places it in the realm of the spirit and application. At least that is my goal and it sounds like yours too.

    • August 8, 2011 at 4:34 pm

      Indeed, I think we have similar goals in mind. Rather than this being a blog that simply “inspires” people by quoting bits of wisdom from past authors, I pray that this blog will motivate people to a deeper relationship with God. Up to this point in my life as a teacher, I never really thought I had much to say. Frankly, time will tell if I’m saying anything to anyone at all. It’s in God’s hands.

  2. Kelsey Earl
    August 19, 2011 at 6:59 pm

    I met Bob when I walked into his classroom at UHD for which he was my professor of family communication. He is and was the most influential professor I had throughout my college experience. So much so that I reached out to him after the semester ended. It was an awful thought to think that my time knowing someone as insightful, inspiring and devoted to the betterment of each life he touches could have been over. So, we became friends and that is when I truly was given the blessing of what Bob was put on this earth to do and be in all facets of his life. He was my rock during an extremely trying time in my life and he has always been there to listen and offer his heartfelt advice. He impressed upon me things that I will never forget and I am lucky to have captured some of it in writing. Those emails are a prized possession of mine and I read them often and find myself at peace after doing so. I am so blessed that God crossed our paths. Bob, you will and already have had so much to say to so many. This blog will undoubtedly speak to the masses and you will continue to change lives as you have so abundantly changed mine. I always hear what you say and listen carefully. You will indeed do this for all those who read this. My friend forever and someone I have great admiration for, God bless you. I thank God for the gift of you and I cannot wait to read more….

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